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Keep your pavers looking their finest with professional paver sealing

When properly cared for, pavers can add sophistication to any home. However, when pavers are neglected, they could drag the curb appeal and value of your entire property. Among the best ways to ensure lasting durability and beauty for your pavers is to invest in paver sealing.


Advantages of Paver Sealing

Beauty: Paver sealing will help preserve the natural colour of your pavers. Color-enhancing products that could give your pavers a darker, more saturated color or"wet" look are also available.

Easier Maintenance: Because paver sealers sink into the pores of these pavers, which makes them smaller, your pavers will be less likely to trap dirt and dust and easier to keep clean.

We Seal Pavers the Right Way

At Radiant Exteriors, we have the abilities and expertise required to seal any kind of pavers you may have, with all the appropriate products specially formulated for different software like:

Step one in almost any paver sealing job is to completely clean the pavers. This prevents trapping any dirt or stains beneath the sealant and also ensures a good bond. Our state of the art pressure washing equipment gives us the ability to tailor the water temperature and pressure to the specific needs of each and every job. Our skilled and experienced technicians will use enough heat and pressure to remove dirt and stains economically, but not so much that there's a danger of harm for your pavers.

Once your pavers are clean and dry, we'll carefully apply the appropriate paver sealing product. Whether you're looking to improve your pavers' appearance, protect against discoloration, or help stabilize the joints, there are many different sealers to choose from to accomplish your goals. After a long time of experience, we know the best products and approaches to work with for paver sealing.

Depending on the type of sealer you choose, it may have to be reapplied every couple of years to ensure continued protection.

We Care About Your Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We'll work with you closely before, during, and after work to make sure we know your expectations and deliver the outcomes you want. We guarantee your satisfaction with our support 100 percent.

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Benefits of Ure Seal H2o


  • water sproutJoint sand hardens to a concrete like barrier

  • water sproutCombats against weed & mold growth from pavers.

  • water sproutWill not allow for pavers to shift, sink or wobble

  • water sprout5-7 year durability

  • water sproutWill not need to be stripped off before sealing in the future

  • water sproutexcellent abrasion & chemical resistance

  • water sproutHigh gloss, rich color enhancement

  • water sproutWil form an extremely hard protective 
    water sproutcoating for high traffic areas

  • water sproutcan be applied after cleaning to damp pavers

  • water sproutPET FRIENDLY Organic Compounds & low odor!

  • water sproutIndustry leader in UV resistance

  • water sproutresidential and commercial paver sealing applications


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