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Whether you are looking for a one-time seal or a customized plan for your property, the professionals at Radiant Exteriors can accommodate with a personalized site evaluation.  Our free consultation will address a wide array of important issues such as:


water sproutWhat are your expectations for the surface?

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Stain prevention

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Adding beauty

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Peace of mind

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With so many sealers on the marketplace, it can become overwhelming.  Please call today for your free project analysis, written estimate, and the great points why you shoud use us and our recommended sealer.


What type of concrete surfaces should I seal?

A. Exterior concrete can quickly become damaged with weather and environmental factors. A concrete sealant will protect it against whatever nature throws its way. Exterior concrete can be sealed for specific purposes such as stain repellence, dust reduction, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and to maintain an attractive appearance. All concrete surfaces benefit from sealing.

Ure Seal H20 shields concrete from stains and chemicals. It also visually improves the concrete floor driveway or walkway by giving it a uniform coating. Ure Seal H20 can alter the level of friction your concrete floor experiences, which can make substrates slick when wet. This is easily remedied by adding anti-skid materials in the coating.

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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We'll work with you closely before, during, and after work to make sure we know your expectations and deliver the outcomes you want. We guarantee your satisfaction with our support 100 percent.

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NANO+POLY Concrete Sealer

Benefits of NANO+POLY

NANO+POLYTM combines proprietary nanotechnology with the strength of polyurethane to provide 360° of protection on concrete homes, patios, pool decks & pavers. Its pliable durable finish allows concrete & masonry to expand & contract while protecting against cracking & peeling.


  • water sproutMatte finish

  • water sproutadded POLY for abrasion resistance

  • water sproutUV inhibitors preserve original color

  • water sprout5-7 year durability

  • water sproutconcrete, bricks and pavers

  • water sproutProtects against cracking & flaking

  • water sproutProtects against spalling & salt damage

  • water sproutPET FRIENDLY Organic Compounds & low odor!

  • water sproutresidential and commercial applications


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